Rules and Ethos

  • We are a Private Membership Association, a type of trust that acts for the benefit of its membership community;
  • Private means private! Everything stays within this community for the protection and benefit of all its members;
  • We are an unincorporated association like a club, society or charity, with Trustees overseeing its objectives and leadership;
  • We have clear rules to govern the running and membership of the association and we have an elected Executive Committee to run the association;
  • The rules form a contract between the members and therefore the principles of contract law as applied to unincorporated associations will apply. Regard is given to the Equality Act 2010 so as not to discriminate against certain persons whose characteristics may be protected;
  • Funds raised through Membership Fees and Donations go towards community projects that our Members vote on;
  • We hold Annual General Meetings in April where all members are invited and will be able to have their say. Members can vote on decisions being made by the Executive Committee, including how the funds we raise are distributed;
  • We are a growing community designed to empower the many;

Our Rules

Members must read, agree to, and adhere to the Associations Rules. A member who does not abide by our Constitution will have their membership terminated.

Membership Applications

Any man or woman of any age who satisfies the membership qualifications shall be eligible to be a member.

An applicant for membership must apply in writing by submitting a signed and dated Membership Agreement and Personal Declaration form to the Secretary (via website) stating:

  • the applicant’s name, address, and contact information.
  • that the applicant has been given and has read a copy of these Rules and Ethos and supports the object(s) of the Association and agrees to be bound by the Rules and Terms of Use immediately upon admission to membership.
  • the applicant’s consent to the holding of relevant data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act as amended 2022.
  • the applicant must agree and consent to receiving regular communications and notifications via email and must remain subscribed for the duration of membership.
  • the applicant must attend at least one weekly member’s meeting within every 6-month period (i.e. minimum of 2 meetings per year excluding AGM or SGM meetings).
  • the applicant must not act, or behave, in a way which is believed to undermine the membership or pose a risk to the integrity and security of the EtP platform (including Intellectual Property), and or is believed to represent a threat to the members of the Association.

Until an applicant is approved for membership, they are not entitled to any of the benefits or privileges of the Association.

The Executive Committee and or any of the Trustees reserve(s) the right to refuse any application where it is believed that such an application would create, or cause to be created, a conflict of interest or compromise the security, or integrity of the membership.

Membership Qualifications

Any person who meets the following qualifications (the “membership qualifications”) may be entitled to apply for membership subject to any further provisions in these Rules:

  1. Must be over 18 years old
  2. Must be prepared to study
  3. Must have the intention to live in harmony and in peace with other private members of society
  4. Must have made a personal declaration to the Association, to follow its rules and ethos.

Membership Subscriptions

The membership subscription is an ongoing monthly fee. The subscription fee can be paid annually in advance at a discounted amount or by other arrangement (instalments) agreed with the Executive Committee.

As at the 1 March 2023, on being admitted to the Association there is no fee to be paid for the first thirty (30) days which is considered a “Trial Period”. After the Trial Period there is a nominal monthly administration fee (“Administration Fee”) to fund the costs of maintaining the online platform and backend systems. The Administration Fee ceases to be payable when and if a paid Membership Subscription is selected.

The future level of subscription and entrance fee may be changed by a resolution at any General Meeting passed by a majority of those present when the vote is taken.

A new member joining part way through a financial year, on an annual subscription, will pay a pro-rata subscription fee due for the remaining calendar month or year. Likewise, if a member leaves the membership, or is expelled for whatever reason(s), the subscription will be refunded on a pro-rated basis whether paid monthly or annually less any Bank / Payment Gateway Administration Fees.

Where a member has accessed membership Benefits and Privileges, courses or educational materials and content at discounted rates due to a paid membership subscription, that member will become liable to pay the full amount should they downgrade to a free membership, or have their membership revoked for any reason, within 12 months of accessing such. Likewise, if a Member has purchased and subsequently accessed a privilege or benefit, and subsequently requests a refund, no refund shall be payable unless, in the opinion of most of the Trustees, EtP has failed to deliver the service/education promised. The Trustees reserve the right to make any such refund or part refund less Bank / Payment Gateway Administration Fees. In other words, the member agrees that the Trustees retain full discretion for issuing refunds.

Membership renewal is automatically continued each month and year unless:

  1. The member resigns, on or before a full calendar month is completed, or on or before the 12-month period has expired, in which case the member is under no obligation to pay any part of the subscription for a new month or year; or
  2. The member is expelled or has had their membership revoked for whatever reason.

Membership Resignation

A member may resign at any time by notice in writing by post or by email to the Secretary. On receiving the notice, the Secretary will immediately remove that member from the Members’ Register, which terminates membership.

The resigning member is not entitled to any return or rebate of subscription and remains liable for any unpaid subscription and any other sums due from him or her to the Association in relation to any Benefits, Privileges, or Educational Content accessed at discount where the full amount now becomes due.

All rights and interests in the Association and its property cease immediately on termination of membership by resignation, expulsion, or death.

Member Disciplinary or Grievances

Any member who is in serious or persistent breach of these Rules or who otherwise acts in a way which in the opinion of the Trustees or Executive Committee is seriously or persistently inappropriate for a member of this Association, may have their membership terminated with immediate effect and without notice.

Any member who is in serious or persistent breach of these Rules, or who otherwise acts in a way which, in the opinion of the Trustees or Executive Committee, is seriously or persistently inappropriate for a member of this Association, may be disciplined as set out in the Disciplinary Regulations in Annex 1.

Any member who is aggrieved by anything the Association or its members have instigated or actioned, the Association may investigate and deal with the matter as set out in the Grievance Regulations in Annex 1.

Membership Termination

The Officers, by their own discretion, reserve the right to remove and/or expel any member believed to be a threat to the security and/or integrity of the Association or its membership without invoking the Disciplinary Procedures. Any member acting, or behaving, in a way which is in serious breach of the Rules, and/or is believed to undermine the membership Rules, Intellectual Property, and/or is believed to represent a threat to the members of the Association, at the sole discretion of the Officers, will have their membership and access terminated, with immediate effect and without notice.

The Officers retain full discretion to terminate memberships; however, the Founding Trustee has the power to overrule any decision made by the Officers where it may not be deemed to be in the best interest of the Association. 36. Access to Unpaid Memberships (including those where the monthly Administration Fee is paid), may be suspended by any of the Trustees, or any Executive Committee where a lack of engagement with the platform / Association has occurred for more than six months in accordance with clause 11.

Member Notices

Any notice required or allowed to be given to any member under these Rules is validly given if:

  1. sent by post to that member’s address in the Member’s Register (in which case it is deemed given to the member 2 days after posting); or
  2. given to him/her personally; or
  3. sent by email to that member’s email address in the Members’ Register.

Any notice required or allowed to be given by any member to the Secretary under these Rules is validly given if sent by post or email to the Secretary at the postal address, email or most recently notified to members by the Secretary. It is deemed given when received at that address or email.

Our Ethos & Core Values

We have created this community endeavour with the best and highest intentions possible.  We expect no less from our Members.  Our Ethos is Equity and is at the heart of everything we do.  Equity measures the conscience and weighs one’s heart.  We do all things with the greatest of love because we are the light.


This is the highest command possible.  Love is action, but it is also resonance and frequency.

We wish to cultivate a culture of loving Our Creator, loving ourselves, loving our neighbours.

Honesty and Integrity

We must always seek the truth in all matters.  We must remain neutral in uncertainty and conflict.

This is how we cultivate a culture of trust.


It is written that the meek shall inherit the earth.  We need to be humble in all our dealings and recognise when we make mistakes.  When mistakes are made, we must learn to say sorry and correct our ways.

Through this we recognise that we are all one, and that we are all in service to each other.

Mission Centered

Having a sacrificial heart means you are willing to go the distance.  When we understand that there is a higher purpose, we must take a stand for what is right and true, remaining focused on our objectives.

Lead by Example

By being the change you wish to see, we can influence and shape this world for the betterment of all.

We like to think of the Good Shepherd and the Lost Sheep.  It is not necessarily about what we say that matters, but moreso about what we do.  How we carry ourselves is important in demonstrating our moral compass.

People won’t always remember what you said or did, but rather how you made them feel.


There is nothing wrong with a little effort and hard work.

We need to be disciplined; mind, body, spirit.

This means exercising self-control and staying focussed on our aims.


Being generous in spirit meaning to be merciful.  We need to extend forgiveness where it is due and not harbour ill-feelings. This is a spiritual concept; letting go of any disapointment or hurt is equivilent to swallowing your pride.  If you do not forgive your brother it is likened to drinking poison and hoping they will die.

Remember that it is far better to give than it is to receive.

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