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Privacy Focused Devices

Your privacy is not negotiable. 

Given the increasing need for privacy, we felt compelled to team up with Incognito Privacy Tech who share Empower the People’s values, to offer our members the benefits of privacy-focussed devices from a team we know and trust. 

Incognito Privacy Tech was founded by Jamie and a group of friends in an abandoned warehouse, where they would regularly discuss what they had learned about the system and the agenda for total control over the population. 

As a concerned group of conscious, freedom-loving truth researchers, they put their geeky tech skills into practice and went on a mission to protect people from being tracked and monitored by big tech.  

Technology is a tool for control and surveilance. 

In the digital age, privacy has become increasingly important for our online activities. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon wield immense power, collecting vast amounts of personal data to enhance their services, drive targeted advertising, and make millions more in profits by tracking everything you do.  

While technology innovations bring convenience and connectivity, they also raise significant concerns about how our data is used, shared, and protected. Ensuring privacy is crucial for maintaining trust, safeguarding personal freedoms, and preventing misuse or abuse of information. 

Devices readily available to buy in the market.

The phones, laptops and tablets available in the market are simply not fit for purpose! 

Many are aware that the big tech companies are monitoring and listening to them via their devices, but most are oblivious as to the magnitude of the surveillance that takes place.   

There are, however, alternatives available; a wide range of regular phones and laptops that provide the usual benefits of modern life and connectivity and are easy to use, yet free from any pre-installed apps, unwanted news feeds, tracking and adverts.   

Over the past three years, Incognito Privacy Tech have been providing privacy focussed phones, tablets and laptops to those who are concerned about their privacy.  All devices are supplied with detailed guides to ensure a smooth transition from an existing tech set-up and private consultations are available to talk through the best solutions for your needs and lifestyle.  

Incognito Privacy Tech offers peace of mind in owning and using a privacy focused phone or laptop, and because Jamie and the team live and breathe ‘privacy’, they are always tracking the emerging market, so you’ll always be kept up to date.


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