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Zelaine Estacio-Odle joined Travis Cook for the 9th episode of The Peoples Empowerment podcast.

You will love this one.

Zelaine takes us through a fascinating journey of how she discovered the healing arts and how she has treated many people, including her own son and his autism.

A big part of this show features the combining the best of both worlds of science and ‘woo woo’ when it comes to healing the body.

Enjoy the show.


– Zelaine’s journey to discovering holistic therapies from treating her son’s autism
– Life blood analysis
– Sūkṣhma Marma Therapy
– The Marma points of the body
– Nutritional therapy
– The combination of ‘woo woo’ with science
– The power of our fingers
– The pointy finger is fire
– The origins of blockages and disease in the body
– An overview on meditation
– Qi Gong to cure insomnia
– A magical cure for headaches

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