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Chris Lundy joined Travis Cook on The Peoples Empowerment Podcast for the last show of the year!

Chris is a relatively new member of the ETP team and he since joining he has jumped right in and has been prolific in sharing his on going healing journey as well as imparting his vast knowledge in the world of cryptocurrencies and cyber security.

Chris is also launching his own crypto course on ETP starting on the 16th of January. This course is perfect if you’ve never touched crypto before in your life, beginner friendly.

You’ll learn all you need to know to make the most of this new world and also how to protect yourself and your assets, and how to navigate whilst exploring the crypto universe.

Find out more about the upcoming crypto course, click here.

Subjects for the show:

– How Chris ended up with cancer
– Being medically kidnapped
– 6+ Years going through the ‘medical’ system
– Rick Simpson oil
– The alternative healing methods journey
– DIY Silver Ionisation treatment
– Rebalancing the bodies electrical pathways
– Cannabis oil for skin cancer
– From half bald, barely able to walk to looking healthy and on the mend!
– An intro to crypto
– The failed IRS crypto bounty
– Is crypto a threat to the centralised banking system?
– What crypto is and what it’s not
– Tools to spend crypto
– Conditions are ripe for creating alternative systems

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Our podcast is open to all members, we have had so many great people come on, each with their own unique flavour of experience, knowledge and stories.

If you have a story to tell, a movement or service close to your heart that more people should know about, or you just enjoy having a great conversation, come on to the show and share with the world.

You can speak to Travis to get further details and plan everything.

Right now we are booked up until March 2024, so be sure to get in touch as soon as possible to secure your spot in the ETP podcast hall of fame for 2024.

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