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Concerning the activities of Mr Matthew Peter Fanthom, Ms Katrina Jean Deacon, and Mr Anthony Paul, each associated with MFS-PMA.Com and

Empower the People private members association was launched on 21 March 2022, with three trustees: Simone Marshall (Founder and Treasurer), Katrina Deacon (Secretary) and Matthew Fanthom (Chairman), and was operated via a website:

During June and July 2022, the relationship between all three trustees deteriorated and on 23 July 2022, Ms Deacon and Mr Fanthom were dismissed from their respective appointments for breach of fiduciary duty as Trustees.

An unauthorised and cloned version of the website later appeared under the brandings: and

It was discovered that Ms Deacon and Mr Fanthom were running and JustSolutionsPMA as trustees. Multiple staff and members of Empower the People left to join and

In December 2022, Simone Marshall and Simon Goldberg (replacement Chairman) lawfully and formally engaged the services of Gary Summers, a 40 year experienced Barrister with with a specialism in fraud cases.

He focuses mainly on private prosecutions, dispute resolution, financial investigations and mediation and crisis management. In private prosecution cases, Gary seeks to identify crimes, perpetrators and backers – including those perverting the course of justice. He files information, procures summonses and prosecutes individuals in the UK courts.

Gary Summers, in turn, deployed his Investigation team led by Dr Tarique Ghaffur CBE QPM (former Assistant Commissioner of Metropolitan Police) to undertake a private criminal investigation into the events leading up to and following the departure of Miss Deacon and Mr Fanthom from Empower the People.

Following an extensive investigation based on the available documentation and evidence, Tarique and his team have concluded there are reasonable grounds to bring charges by way of Private Prosecution for Conspiracy to Defraud, Forgery and offences under the Computer Misuse Act.

In accordance with best practice, specialist prosecution counsel (who usually undertakes cases at a high level for the Crown Prosecution Service) is being instructed to make the final charging decision.

Subject to positive advice being received, criminal charges will be laid before the appropriate Magistrates Court within the next 12 months against Ms Deacon, Mr Fanthom and/or Mr Paul.

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