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Crowdfunding Opportunity

Open to Non-Members


This Crowdfund has been initiated by Simon Goldberg (The Spaniard) and Simone Marshall of Empower the People, after identifying a need to put things back into equitable balance and raise the collective level of comprehension and awareness.

Recently, Simon has been the subject of online harassment, hate/defamation, and IP theft/distribution by a few strange folk who think their behaviour is OK.  Simone, on the other hand, has been the subject of a conspiracy to defraud, IP theft, and online defamation.

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Please take 10 minutes to watch an explanation as to why this Crowdfund is so important and why it is being made available to every one of our freedom loving family:


The wrongdoing has cost Simon, EtP and its members considerable damage, and separately, Simon has been exposing MATRIXFREEDOM for hurting many people (who now flock to YAYC and/or EtP for help getting out of the mess they are in).

If you are one such unlucky individual to have fallen for IAIN STAMPS false claims and marketing spiel, we recommend you check out the following independent website set up to support the innumerous victims:

Both YAYC and EtP are experiencing high levels of people asking for help with problems encountered after following processes or so-called “remedies” after paying money to the likes of Common Law Court (CLC) run by John Smith, Steve Knight who runs Debt-Less, Peter Stone who runs The Soveriegn Project, and many others!

Some people who come to YAYC and EtP for assistance have already lost their homes, their businesses, and even their life savings.

Why should Simon or Simone (YAYC and/or EtP) clear up the mess that others are making…? Whilst they discredit the entire truth “movement” at the same time…?

Simon has been deep into research and providing credible remedy for over 15 years and knows the system better than any of us – he (and Simone) is sick of seeing people making money out of selling snake oil, or regurgitated nonsense, whilst taking advantage of vulnerable lay people.

Simon feels obliged to correct the wrongs (or at least help warn others) because it seems that in the past few years, particularly since Covid, all of a sudden all these “legal lawful” guru’s are popping up everywhere out of nowhere with all this so-called “knowledge” – claiming many things – yet none have ever walked the walk or know any real depth to the subject matter – and in some instances they even have no shame in not holding themselves to account for the misery they are causing.

These things are inequitable. These things are wrong.

When you sit face to face with someone, one to one, and they reveal to you through their tears how they’ve been shafted – or are about to be shafted – and they are desperate for your help – it becomes unconscionable to remain indifferent to it.

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The FULL background to these events and much of the documentary evidence can be reviewed by members of YAYC and EtP by becoming a member and following the links below that are within the platform:

SGM of 4 August 2022 (the meeting after the fall out occurred)

A Changing of the Guard (the evidential disclosure & Chronology)

SGM of 4 January 2023 (the losses & proposed litigation/crowdfunding) 

A Few Words…


“The Truth Movement has been blighted by Charlatans who clearly find it acceptable to steal the hard work of others and pass it off as their own, more often than not, to profit from the same.

If that weren’t bad enough – it is often the case that the perpetrators of these “Wrongs” lack the ability and experience to effectively explain that which they have stolen, which means unsuspecting, newly awakened, souls are being led down the garden path by these self-professed “Experts”.

The Police are NOT going to step in and help and often avoid getting involved by simply classifying such behaviours as a “Civil Matter”.

Unless we make a stand to protect the integrity of the Truth Movement, then the Truth Movement will come to a swift end.

Unless we make a stand to protect each other then more people are going to be caused real harm!

If we don’t take action to hold Charlatans to account, then they merely strengthen their foothold within the Movement and destroy the good works of others and paralyse us from achieving the successes we strive to attain.”



The Plan

Both Simon & Simone have decided enough is enough and that some real lessons need to be learned, for the simple reason:  ITS JUST NOT ON! 

The following legal claims have been initiated:

Civil Proceedings

£5,000.00 + £10,000.00 to issue claim

A claim for damages against Katrina Jean Deacon & Matthew Peter Fanthom, and MF Solutions Ltd.

  • Proceedings are expected to be issued in due to course to recover the damages incurred by EtP.

Criminal Prosecution

Stage 1: £15,000.00 + VAT

A criminal complaint against Katrina Jean Deacon & Matthew Peter Fanthom, and MF Solutions Ltd.

  • A private criminal prosecution has been commenced for three counts of fraud (including conspiracy to defraud).

As sad as it is that we should even have to invest our time in claims of this type, when there is so much at stake “globally”, these people have made their choices, and it is now time for us (and you) to MAKE YOURS:  Do we make a stand? Or do we sit back and do nothing, allowing Charlatans to bring the Truth Movement – and everything we work so hard to achieve – into disrepute?

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Further Detail

Before proceedings are instigated, a full investigation will be undertaken by an ex-police chief superintendent aided by ex-police detectives so as to mirror the process usually undertaken by Police (Crown Prosecution Service) in any criminal investigation.
Katrina Deacon and Matthew Fanthom will be invited to take part.  Simone and Simon will also be subject to the investigation.  An Independent Report will then be prepared containing a Considered Opinion – and where appropriate, private criminal charges can be established and can then be issued against those responsible, including those who have aided and abetted: prior, during and or after the event.
These claims are being privately funded by Simon Goldberg (The Spaniard) who has FULLY INDEMNIFIED EtP and YAYC members from any liability.
Here are some further informational edits from the last SGM, which discusses the Crowdfund in more detail including the rationale behind us offering it to our members and wider communities in this way.

The full recording of the meeting can be viewed on the platform upon SIGNING UP TO BECOME A MEMBER.

The Proposals

In a world where many seek to sell you a lie to gain a quick buck, not truly caring about the consequences, this Crowdfund has been designed to dis-spell any mis-guided mis-information, and help others avoid the BS by providing a real-life, real-time educational journey, and to fund legal remedy where our respective members have been put at risk and/or have suffered harm/loss as a result of unconscionable wrongdoing by CHARLATANS who care for profit over people.

Regardless of whether you wish to take part or not, these proceedings are going ahead.  Simon and Simone are committed to pursuing these actions to right the wrongs and to send a warning to anyone else attempting to capitalise on the vulnerability and ignorance of others.

If you have a hunger to learn the way to approach any legal claim, the process from beginning to end, whilst possessing a deep desire for justice, then this opportunity may be right for you! You do  not need to be a member of YAYC or EtP to Contribute to the Crowdfund and receive all the educational material that aligns to your level of Contribution.

Any surplus funds created by the Crowdfund will be used to fund legal remedy for others who have been damaged by someone giving bad advice, or paperwork, or money stolen by deceptive means, which has left them in a worse-off position.  This crowdfund may be left open for all of our freedom loving family and friends who require the help and assistance of an experienced team who will always do what is right for the greater good of others. We hope to use this experience to create the Modus Operandi for Crowdfunding cases of this type and we therefore invite those who have been harmed to get in contact so that we can begin to coordinate other actions.

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Any Sum

If you donate into the general kitty, the funds will go to towards any and all causes.  This option is for those who do not wish to specify any claim but wish to support the cause for the greater good.


As a Contributor you will receive regular educational email updates about the progress of the case and be entitled to a Distribution of any Award won, toward your initial Contribution (and where possible a full refund).
You can donate via a payment plan: £10 per month for 10 months, £25 per month for 4 months, £50 per month for 2 months


As a Contributor, you will receive regular educational email updates, be invited to participate in regular update meetings where you can ask questions, and be entitled to a Distribution of any Award won toward your initial Contribution (and where possible a full refund).
You can donate via a payment plan: £25 per month for 10 months, £50 per month for 5 months


As a Contributor, you will receive regular educational email updates, be invited to participate in regular update meetings where you can ask questions, be entitled to a Distribution of any Award won toward your initial Contribution (and where possible a full refund).  After the case, be privy to the case paperwork and under NDA, presented at a special all day Seminar.
You can donate via a payment plan: £50 per month for 10 months, £100 per month for 5 months

The Educational Opportunity

For those Contributing over £250, we promised to deliver an educational experience that will aid a deeper understanding of the legal system and how to conduct your own private prosecution and/or civil claim.

Members who have not Contributed to the Crowdfund can donate for access at full price (£250). This playlist will be added to regularly and can be found in the Club House.

Anyone donating over £500 will receive an invitation to a 1 day seminar in due course.  The seminar aims to guide attendees through the entire court case(s) to learn what it takes to bring a private prosecution.


Access the course content!


We have initiated a Crowdfund for litigation to ensure the wrongdoers towards ETP and its members are held to account. However, the extent of harm caused by MATRIXFREEDOM is overwhelming and it has been decided that the Crowdfund litigation is to be extended to include those who have been harmed by MATRIXFREEDOM and now seek remedy and damages.

We therefore require victims and witnesses alike to provide their initial statement of facts so we can assess the evidence for case review by our Barrister.

Please complete an initial statement of facts, and following the submission of your statement we will be in touch to discuss the matter in more detail with you:

Provide a Witness Statement (for victims)


All funds raised by crowdfunding will be accounted for by an executive committee board to be elected from amongst members of both EtP and YAYC and will also be overseen by an independent Chartered Accountant.  This will ensure that the funds are used for the advertised purposes and not to line the pockets of those involved in the crowdfund. Please email: to express your interest in being elected to the Exec Committee to help oversee the funds and how they are spent.

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