Empower the People is a private unincorporated association comprised of men and women who seek the truth and wish to live for the betterment of mankind.

Who We Are

Empower the People is a private unincorporated association comprised of men and women that seek the truth and wish to live for the betterment of mankind.

Our members are a peaceful people who wish to gain knowledge and use that power to create remedy for themselves and their communities.  We are awakened to the reality that we are in fact the true creditors and the source from which law emanates and members of the association embody self-governance.

Truth and Equity stand at the base of everything we do within the membership. We do unto others as we would have done to us, and we love our Divine Creator, with all our heart, mind, and soul. We encourage the creation, operation and function of privates trusts and private unincorporated associations (PMA’s) for the advancement of private holistic communities to support and elevate mankind.  We use the funds collected through our membership fees and donations to facilitate the community projects our members put forward and vote on. 

Our members benefit from the wide ranging education and support available for all aspects of personal and real property to protect themselves, their families, their property, and their communities.  Our members learn how they can remove themselves from the illusionary economic debt-based slavery system using their knowledge of Natural Law and Equity.

To become a member, a shift in consciousness will be required.

Our Ethos and Values

Equity is at the centre of everything we do in the membership.  Equity measures the conscience and weighs one’s heart.  We do all things with the greatest of love because we are the light.

Our Objective

The creation of a private society that operates in equity jurisdiction, made up of the inhabitants, who are the people, and who live on the landmass known as England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland and/or any other landmass that makes up the earth.


We wish to 

  • facilitate the creation of a private society that can become fully empowered, educated and cognisant of their private status and of equity and can manage their own private affairs;
  • facilitate the creation of a private society that can support and encourage its members in all agreed community endeavours relating to community infrastructure, education, asset protection, food security, natural healthcare provision, and financial freedom;
  • facilitate educational opportunities for our members who can access “privileges” and “benefits”;


Empower the People membership is tiered so you can manage the level of commitment and learning at your own pace.  The private membership platform is designed for privacy and community


Members agree to keep confidential all sensitive information we share amongst ourselves. Privacy is important to remain in the correct jurisdiction and away from authority that pertains to all things “public”. The membership operates in the private and is not the subject of any public scrutiny or interference.  

We do not break the Law. All members of Empower the People are law abiding people that have agreed to fulfil the law and not destroy it.

Our membership is not just about protecting our assets and defending our rights; Empower the People is committed to funding community-based projects that help to build our own Private Societies. This can only be done with education.

Government and corporate agents alike are more ignorant of the law than we are. We would be wise to educate them every step of the way, something we cannot do without educating ourselves first.  Education is one of the key aspects of an Empower the People membership.

Empower the People offers community forums; instruction and guidance on how to operate privately; educational resources; facilitated asset protection and private secretarial administration at exclusive membership discount; resources for various situations for optimal protection of our person, estate, securities, obligations, and all the rights associated with them.

Empower the People offers a range of memberships to suit your changing needs. Once registered as a non-fee-paying (free) member, you will have access to the private platform, its forums, and the associations exclusive partner services as and when required.


Become an Empowered Member today and achieve your goals on your own terms and in your own time, with confidence, knowledge, and support from our offering!


Empower the People started out of a recognition that knowledge is power, and too many people need not perish (Hosea 4:6).  We take learning seriously and actively encourage our members to take responsibility for their unique and very necessary learning journey.

Members who diligently work through our training courses are equipped to operate in the private and the public whilst protecting their interests and rights.  Through continued guidance, mentorship, and support they are inspired with new confidence to achieve financial freedom and so much more!

Membership Benefits

Membership is free but if you would like to find out more about member Benefits and Privileges, please follow the steps below to become a member:

One: read the Association’s rules and ethos, terms of use; 

Two: read the membership agreement and declaration and execute your electronic signature to agree to them; the system will generate a copy for your records (creates a file which you can download);

Three: set up the right membership level for you; whether a free membership or an annual or monthly subscription to suit your needs;

Once you are a member you will have access to the members private platform, member benefits and privileges, and our growing community.

Members' Feedback and Testimonials

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